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TVT home pgWhite Horse’s 3D TVT’s are designed to simulate real world threat vehicles. Our unique design gives a realistic appearance from the air and ground. Our modular design provides the ability to repair or replace steel flanks without having to replace the entire target. These intergraded designs provide the most cost effective and sustainable targets for long term live fire training. White Horse TVT’s are designed with the war fighters needs in mind. The TVT’s meet and exceed the Army’s TC 25-8 requirements for realistic target identification.

TVTs are fabricated from US 1″ A36 steel plated or ½” AR500 and cut by precision machinery to ensure a clean and realistic appurtenance.

All materials are 100% recyclable and pose no threat to the environment.

We have incorporated tubular steel across the bottom of the TVT’s to provide added safety for ground support personal and vehicles. Forklifts now have the ability to emplace the targets without the requirements of 8-foot long forks or the risk of the targets bouncing off on rough terrain.

3″ Shackle hole and 2″ tag line holes on all four corners of the TVTs provide outstanding control during lifting operations with heavy lift helicopters and cranes.

T-72 TVT Dimensions and weights:

  • 1⁄2” AR500 or 1” A36 Steel Plate.
  • Height: 87”
  • Width: 94”
  • Length: 228”
  • Weight: approx. 10,000 lbs.