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Custom Ballistic Panels

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White Horse offers customized ballistic panels. White offers a variety of composite materiels that protect from .22 caliber to RPG-7!

Depending on your required protection level, we can offer the exact security solution that fits your protection needs and your budget!

All solutions are certified and have been tested to perform by independant test labratories such as H.P. White, Chesapeke, and University of Dayton Research Institude.

White Horse R&D offers an efficient solution to protection from armor piercing projectiles. For example, the portable ballistic fighting position provides protection from .30 caliber armor piercing projectiles. Our innovative products meet requirements of the military, law enforcement, private security firms, and public buildings. This protection offers an affordable range of applications including heightened threats and permanent check points. Customization Surfaces of the fighting positions can simulate the surfaces of current structures. Other finishes could be anodized diamond plate and textured. Shooting ports are completely customized too. Our fighting position plates are used by DAWTECH Special Operations Bunker.