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Close Quarters Trainer 6


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3-Plate Rack $649.00


6-Plate Rack $949.00

The Close Quarters Trainer (CQT) is the latest innovation for realistic weapons scenario training. Utilizing state of the art polymers and composite technology, White Horse R&D, Inc has created a Close Quarters Trainer that safely allows for training from nearly “point–blank” distances. As a bullet passes through our self-healing polymer, energy is absorbed, eliminating flying metal and lead debris ever present when shooting traditional metal targets.

The CQT is a reactive plate rack system that can be engaged from as close as one foot away! Targets are knocked down and easily reset by a pull rope, or for distances less than 30 feet, an optional foot-activated reset. Targets are available in numerous sizes, heights and shapes. Made from our patented polymer, each target is reactive to all calibers ranging from .22 to .50 BMG.* The deflector plate is coated with a 1/2” thick layer of our polymer adding to the minimization of flying debris.

Each target has a painted white strike face, which leaves a pinhole black mark revealing where each round strikes. To create a fresh target, just re-apply paint to the strike face! The self-healing polymer allows each target to handle bullet strikes in the thousands.** Replacement targets are available and priced affordably!

  • Shoot from any distance
  • Ricochet resistant
  • Self-healing targets
  • Lightweight for easy transportation
  • Engineered for long service life
  • All components replaceable

Additional information

Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 70 x 10 x 10 in